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An interactive workshop including a virtual tour of Disneyland. Attendees will learn the importance casting a compelling vision, empowering your team, consistently encouraging one another, the importance of paying attention to details, the power of gratitude and so much more.

Walt Disney most wanted to be remembered as a storyteller. And he built Disneyland for the purpose of telling stories. This workshop will share stories from The Happiest Place on Earth. For example: a Cast Member was empowered to take excess tortillas and turn them into Disneyland’s favorite snack… Today when you enjoy a bag of Doritos, you are taking a bite out of Disneyland history!

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7 Leadership Lessons

How do you go from dreaming to doing? Walt Disney never stopped dreaming about the future. And neither should you!

Learn how you can use Walt Disney’s dreams to see your own dreams come true. Jeff challenges you to transform your life by applying lessons that Walt Disney, Disneyland, Walt Disney World and EPCOT teach us.

No matter where you are starting from, you can get to where you want to be by going “All In” on your dream, and following these 7 lessons Jeff has learned from Walt Disney’s life.

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Change That Will Lead to Your “Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow”

Leading your organization through change with Leadership Lessons for the next decade. Walt Disney once said, “As long as there is imagination left in the world, Disneyland will never be finished.” Learn how Walt, Disney, and the Disney Parks are always reinventing themselves to ensure that they are ready for the next audience and the next generation.

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