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Jeff is one of the foremost authorities on Walt Disney and the secrets to his success.

As an admirer of Walt Disney’s story since childhood, Jeff spent years studying not only the history of Walt and what happened in his life, but more importantly why things happened. Between obtaining his doctorate and writing two best selling books on the life and lessons learned from Walt’s wisdom, Jeff teaches others how to apply Walt’s lessons for setting and accomplishing amazing goals. 

Jeff has been a lifelong fan of Walt Disney, Disney parks, and the stories they tell.

Jeff is more than an expert on Walt Disney and a fan of the theme parks. When Jeff talks to audiences, he blends the history, nostalgia, and Disney experience that we all love with real-life applications. If you have ever wanted to bring Disney home, or you’ve never wanted your day at Disney to end, Jeff will leave you feeling the exact same way at the end of his keynotes and workshops. 


In 2014, Jeff created a college course on The Life And Lessons of Walt Disney.

At the time it seemed outlandish. A college course on the history of an amusement park? Despite its doubters, the course was a huge hit with students and faculty alike, and it remains one of the most in-demand courses at his university years later.

Jeff then wrote the best-selling book, The Wisdom of Walt: Leadership Lessons From The Happiest Place On Earth and followed it up with a second bestseller, Beyond The Wisdom of Walt: Life Lessons From The Most Magical Place On Earth.


Today, Jeff shares Walt’s story with audiences in Anaheim, Orlando, and around the world.

Jeff continues to spread the positive message of Walt Disney to audiences who are looking to overcome adversity, go from dreamers to doers, and be the hero in their own great story. The lessons are universal which leads to Jeff’s wide appeal and popularity among audiences. What started as a dream to share his love of Disney with his students has led to worldwide acclaim as not only an expert but an engaging keynote speaker.


Jeff’s actionable keynotes inspire leaders and teams to dream and achieve big!

The true appeal of Jeff’s keynotes lies in his ability to put the audience at the center of the Disney story.  He takes the time to understand each audience, so he can craft his content for their unique needs.

From sales teams to associations, to larger faith-based groups, Jeff’s positive message for how to dream and achieve big is universal.

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