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Beyond The Wisdom of Walt

Whether you love Disney, Disneyland, or Walt Disney World, or maybe you just need a little of the inspiration and insight that Walt Disney had, within Beyond the Wisdom of Walt you will find a whole new world of magical possibilities for your own life!

Life Lessons From The Most Magical Place on Earth

Walt Disney never stopped dreaming about the future ⁠— and neither should you!

Learn how you can use Walt Disney’s final dream of EPCOT ⁠— the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow ⁠— to see your own dreams come true.

In Beyond the Wisdom of Walt, author Jeffrey A. Barnes challenges you to transform your life by applying the lessons that Walt Disney, Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and EPCOT teach us.

Barnes takes us on a magical journey through the history of Disney in Florida beginning with Walt’s decision to do a “sequel” to Disneyland. Learn how the parks continue to change and thrive today-and how you can too!

Beyond the Wisdom of Walt is a story that teaches us how to create a vision for our dreams, cope with change, leave a lasting legacy, and so much more!

After reading this book, you’ll want to start applying a little of that Disney magic to your life right away. Mickey Mouse Ears not required!


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