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Top Keynote Speaker Jeff Barnes, AKA Dr. Disneyland, shared the real story of what is took for Walt Disney to succeed in creating a world-class business. In his keynotes, Jeff shares both the trials and achievements in Walt’s story and gives your team the blueprint to find business and career success. Your team will discover Walt Disney’s story and the history of Disneyland from a business perspective.

You’ll also find out how Walt pushed through impossible roadblocks to create the world’s most famous cartoon character, the first theme park, and the most valuable entertainment business. During his sessions, Jeff shares lessons on resiliency, leadership, and courage through the lens of these Disney narratives.

He’s excited to take your Las Vegas event audience audience on an inspiring journey while using the wisdom of Walt to demonstrate how to lead like a visionary and achieve greater goals in your own organization.

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Going "All In" Toward Goals & Dreams

Walt Disney went bankrupt in 1923. Rather than giving up, he boarded a train with $40, a single suitcase, and a one-way ticket. This “All In” decision forever changed the course of history.

Get inspired to achieve your greatest dreams and find the courage within yourself to keep going in Jeff’s signature keynote.

In this keynote, your audience will:
  • Learn to keep moving forward in challenging times.
  • Use courage to confront conflict.
  • Stop looking and start leading.
  • Let go of limiting beliefs.
  • Dismiss the doubters.
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Lessons from The Happiest Place on Earth

Walt Disney refused to settle. He was often challenged on all sides to eviscerate his vision for the sake of cutting costs or compromising to the demands of others. He held fast. The lessons on customer service and providing a phenomenal guest experience are extensive.

In this keynote, your audience will:
  • Learn “The Power of Vision”
  • Discover the importance of influence.
  • Understand the strength of empowerment.
  • Accept accountability.
  • Lead through example.
  • Pay attention to the details.
  • Value consistent encouragement to create teamwork.
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Walt Disney and the Power of Resilience

Walt survived an impoverished childhood, and he lived through the Spanish Flu, World War I, and the Great Depression. Despite everything, he still managed to build “The Happiest Place on Earth.” He also bounced back from Disneyland’s opening day disaster to welcoming one million guests in less than 7 weeks.

Learn how Walt turned his troubles and (many) obstacles into opportunities, and how you can do the same!

In this keynote, your audience will:
  • Learn how to do the “Next Right Thing.”
  • Know how, in the midst of a crisis, to pivot, innovate, and be resourceful.
  • Be like Walt, “Never be beaten at anything.”
  • Find focus, seek solutions & take responsibility.
  • Rely on themselves and their network.
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