Book Jeff
Jeff’s first book impacted the lives of so many people with the Disney pixie dust and a new perspective on familiar stories. Disney cast members once ended their interactions with guests with the phrase ‘May all your days be Disney days!’ This book will guarantee that wish can come true for every reader.
My advice is for you not only to read Beyond the Wisdom of Walt but to study it and think about how you can implement Walt’s lessons into your own life. As Walt said “All of our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them."
Having created a college-level course on the history of Disneyland Jeff Barnes is the perfect expert to take readers inside the park and inspire them to live their dreams.
Disneyland is a temple to Walt’s unique brand of leadership. What follows in these pages is a prism for you to see the park the way we do. We’re sure you’ll want to return to the magical story many times.
Exactly what we were looking for! Our partners were thrilled by his presentation!”
Jeff and the Wisdom of Walt was the perfect way to kick off our conference at the Disneyland Resort!
The feedback we received from Jeff’s presentation was outstanding. He created quite a buzz and we are busy implementing all of his new ideas.
Easily the most inspirational speaker we heard all week. A great storyteller! Book him today!

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